Name: Midia Nzvenga
Reg no: R167220M
Course: CSSC102(Proffessional)
Name of lec: Mr Gonzo
Question: Examine the applicability of any one model of communication to a scientific organisation of your choice
The communication refers to the exchange of information (a message) between two or more people. Lunenburg(2010) observes that communication is the process of transmitting information and common understanding from one person to the other. Models of communication are conceptual models used to explain the human communication process .

The Shannon’s model(1948) which is a mathematical model used for technical or machine communication which is mostly used in Information technology companies worldwide. The communication process will go as below in the diagram as mentioned by Shannon.

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His concept was based on that there is always the source of sender which initiates communication and there will be also the transmitter which carries out the message.Noise will also be there which is anything that disturbes tha flow of the message from the sender to the receiver or destination.

Sender (Information source) – Sender is the person who makes the message, chooses the channel and sends the message.

Encoder (Transmitter) –Encoder is the sender who uses machine, which converts message into signals or binary data. It might also directly refer to the machine.

Channel –Channel is the medium used to send message.

Decoder (Receiver) – Decoder is the machine used to convert signals or binary data into message or the receiver who translates the message from signals.

The merits of this model is that it is simple to follow as it use the linear flow of message transmitted. So in an IT company they will send the data through the computers or any device then the message will be simply transmitted following the Shannon’s model. This will
Benefit the organization as there will fast and simple way of passing information from one person to another.

There is no time consuming since the the communication process is one way. Information and technology organizations will use this to delegate work to subordinates and this will be done within a short period of time since there will be no feedback needed according to the model
The demerits of the model is that the model: linear, one way model, ascribing a secondary role to the “receiver”, who is seen as absorbing information. Same critics argue that the model improves a communicator’s ability to manipulate a receiver. There is no room for feedback so this makes the communication process incomplete.

Communication is not a one way process.  If it’s behaved like that, it will lose its strength. For example: Audience or receiver who listening a radio, reading the books or watching television is a one way communication because absence of feedback
The model is taken by some critics as a “misleading misrepresentation of the nature of human communication” as human communication is not mathematical in nature. So this means the model is mainly made for computers and those who understands maths very well which leads up as an disadvantage of the model.
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