Mycotoxins are ubiquitous which can found in different areas. They can occur in cereals, cereal products and foods, feeds, animal products and soil. Concentrated animal feedstuffs harbor the highest growth of mycotoxins. Also, they may be distributed in pre-harvest period (time of plant growing), post-harvest during processing, packaging, distribution and storage of food products. Mycotoxin contamination intensity crop varies geographically (V.L. Pereira et al., 2014; S. Marin et al., 2013; Marta Tola & Bedaso Kebede, 2016). Conclusively, all crops and cereals which are stored improperly under favorable temperature and prompting humidity for a long period of time facilitates mold growth can be subject to mycotoxin contamination (Ahmad A. and Jae-Hyuk Y., 2017).


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