My motivation to study pharmacy developed from my interest and enjoyment of both Chemistry and Applied Mathematics.
I want a dynamic career one that challenges me academically and takes advantage of my empathetic nature, as well as being able to have direct contact with patients. My nan’s cancer battle developed my curiosity of medicines, by allowing me to see the miracles of medicines . This has inspired me to help patients through the study of chemical sciences about the production of drugs, their roles and effects which will impact their suitability for patients and the safe and effective way to provide the medication

through the study of both health hence pharmacy is the perfect degree for me

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I have a broad appreciation of what the role of a community pharmacist is like from work experience in a local chemist and the effort taken to run it. I saw the benefits of excellent customer service as it helped to encourage patients to be more forthcoming about health problems. Through casual conversation with a pharmacist, whilst dispensing, a patient disclosed that he did not take a medicine as it made him nauseous. The pharmacist acted on this and through discussion with the GP suggested a suitable alternative. I learnt about the importance of patient confidentiality of a service when Methadone was dispensed to recovering heroin addicts and observed the responsibility of the pharmacist. We ensured that these patients were not treated differently to other patients and was given the opportunity to administer Methadone. I observed the pharmacist’s contibution to the local community and how that formed a trust with the patients, this strengthened my desire to pursue a profession.

As a hospital pharmacist, drug delivery, appropriate dosage and the medium used to provide this medication to a patient is essential. I have keen attention to detail, which is an advantage as high standards of accuracy is required when calculating dosage and determining the best way to provide this to suit individual patient needs. I developed this skill during my study of Maths; statistics improved my data handling skills and mechanics has strengthened my problem-solving ability. As well as have demonstrated this skill whilst doing practical lab work during Chemistry; both of which are vital to getting concordant results in titrations. In addition Chemistry has developed my knowledge of mechanisms and how molecules interact and Biology has taught me how particles and elements are utilised and taken in by the human body.

Outside of school, attending lectures at UCL such as “How science can help us design new Pharmaceuticals” has made me more knowledgeable about the production of medication and further developed my interest in the Master’s programme. I have enjoyed visiting exhibitions such as ‘Superbugs,’ which explains how the growth of bacteria may not be inhibited by antibiotics owing to the increase in bacterial resistance. This exhibition highlighted how large numbers of patients do not take their antibiotics correctly, do not get better and have to take more antibiotics. This increases the risk of bacterial resistance developing. As a pharmacist, I will need to be able to effectively communicate with patients about issues like the correct way to take a medication. I have developed this ability and my interpersonal skills from voluntary work with vulnerable and wider community members at several charity events and a local Cancer Research Shop. I also enjoy wider reading of medical developments in scientific journal “PJ online”, and further research of articles made me learn that a group of resistant bacteria are having the biggest impacts on health one being MRSA.

People are vulnerable at a time of ill health and to be able to help them at that moment is a privilege for me.
As pathogens evolve and new diseases develop, we will need innovative medicines for more efficient treatment.
I am captivated by the ability to obtain lifelong learning and the many broad career paths available through Pharmacy, and with my determination and dedication I


I'm Katy

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