Michelle Hernandez
Rhetoric and Composition 102
Alexandra DraginNovember 24, 2018
Essay Prompt #5
Celebrities and Youth
Celebrities play a huge role in influencing the values and behavior of the youth. Unfortunately, in most cases, celebrity lifestyle, behavior, and values have been found to influence the youth negatively. Some of the celebrities who rose to fame without a struggle in America for example, make American youth think that one can be famous and successful without necessarily working hard. Also, the deterioration of marriage as a social institution can also be blamed on the influence of celebrities on youth. Many celebrities in American society are fond of engaging in illicit activities such as alcohol and abuse. These lifestyles serve as an example to youth and send a message that the use of these is ordinary. American youth comparing themselves with celebrities have been said to have a low self-esteem and confidence once they realize the cannot have the lives their favorite celebrities live.
In recent years, many celebrities are now famous not because of their talents but for scandals or their relationship with other famous artists. For example, Kim Kardashian rose to fame due to her sex tape release back in 2007 (Coleman). Now, she is one of the most influential stars and owner of her makeup and perfume brands a side from having her own reality television show starring her family “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (Coleman). Kim Kardashian and her family have a negative influence specially on those teenagers that are still schooling who would relent on working hard since their celebrities have modeled them to believe that life is an easy ride and they can rise to spotlight for negative views and scandals. While, “…children need television knowledge to prevent social exclusion” (Schor) there is no necessity for kids to be watching these types of reality television shows as they are not educating in the least to say.

Marriage is also very important in American culture. In many households, parents teach their children from young age that they should marry someone they love and would like to spend the rest of the life with, amongst many other reasons. Many famous television and movie stars have had more than one failed marriage. For example, Britney Spears has been in numerous relationships and has had two failed marriages (Duke). One of them to Jason Alexander back in 2004 and only lasted 55 hours. She then married Kevin Federline that same year but then divorced in 2007. Even though Spears has been linked to many scandals she has an ongoing popularity, youth see her as a role model and giving this example that marriage
The message being sent to youth, in this case, is that marriage is not compulsory hence most of the youth would prefer cohabitations and single parenthood instead of long-term relationships and marriages Even tough Spears has an ongoing popularity, youth can sees her as a role model and giving this example that iWorks Cited
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