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Middle Ages Study Guide Questions and Answers

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What are three other names for the Middle Ages? Three alternative names for the Middle Ages are the Dark Ages – because there was a cultural decline and a decay in arts, literature, and education – Medieval World and The Age of Faith – because the Church and religious views of the Church was the stabilizing force for the people of Europe during the Middle Ages.

Roughly between what two dates did the Middle Ages occur? The Middle Ages occurred between 476 and 1453.

Between what two years did the Middle Ages occur? The Middle Ages occurred during the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the beginning of the European Renaissance.

What helped to unify Europe following the fall of the Western Roman Empire? Feudalism and religion were two critical factors in helping to unify Europe following the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Which individuals helped to spread Christianity during the Middle Ages? Charlemagne, Saint Benedict, Saint Patrick were all significant figures who helped to spread Christianity during the Middle Ages.

What institutions helped to spread Christianity during the Middle Ages? Monks, monasteries and missionaries helped to spread Christianity during the Middle Ages.

Who was St. Benedict and why was he important? Saint Benedict was the founder of the Benedictine monastery (one of twelve monasteries founded by Saint Benedict) and established the Benedict Laws – the rules that established the norm for society and the way they lived. He also write the Rule of Saint Benedict – the laws and standards that he wanted future monks to live by.

Who was St. Patrick and why was he important? Saint Patrick was important because he converted most of Ireland to Catholicism. He originally descended from the Roman Kingdom in New Britain, but he quickly became a part of Ireland heritage.

What important event took place in 630? Why is this event crucial? In 630 Muhammad’s teachings shape a new faith, Islam. After Muhammad brought together the Middle East, the region experienced the Islamic Golden Age; when the Muslims established one of the largest empires at the time. Since the birth of Islam, it has become one of the largest religions in the world with over 1.5 billion followers.

What was the Battle of Tours and why was it so important? The Battle of Tours, or the Battle of Poitiers, was the battle between the Christian Franks and the Muslim Moors; the Frankish group (under the lead of Charles Martel) without cavalry or much force. The Battle of Tours is important because if Charles Martel and his army lost at Tours, France, there would have been very little in the way of Muslim dominance throughout France and, possibly, Central Europe. Charles Martel was also the grandfather of Charlemagne and if Charles Martel died there would have been no Holy Roman Empire/Emperor or, at least, a smaller and weaker one. THe would have been very little Roman history and instead, a very different culture would prevail in the west.

Who was Charlemagne and why was he important? Charlemagne was the first Holy Roman Emperor. His conquests brought prestige and power to the Germanic people, especially the Franks. He was a master of conquering and had great military skill – he subdued the Saxons in 785, driven back the Slavs in 789, defeated the Avars from 790 to 805.

What important event occurred in 800? Why is this event significant? In 800, Charlemagne is crowned first ever Holy Roman Emperor. This was important for Charlemagne because this gave him the status of an emperor. Since Pope Leo III made Charlemagne emperor, that could imply that Charlemagne somehow derived his authority from the Pope making the Pope more powerful, giving Rome some political leverage.
Who was Abbas Ibn Firnas and why was he important? A thousand years before the Wright brothers Abbas Ibn Firnas, a Muslim poet, astronomer, musician and engineer, made several attempts to construct a flying machine. He “glided” more a few moments before losing control of the “plane”, crashing down and partially breaking his back. The advancement in technology is important because it allowed for humans to break the norm of society and try something different; something world-changing.

What important event occured in 820? What does it represent?

Who was William the Conqueror and why was he important? William the Conqueror, born William the Bastard, was the most formidable, brutal, and influential Norman King of England. He clung to power in a volatile France.

What was feudalism and why was it important during the Middle Ages?

What were similarities between feudalism in Japan and Europe?


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