Maths is the queen of science. Astronomy is the scientific study of the universe.Maths is an exactly deal with science but astrology is not used in maths. It is all about calculation and logic. The important source for Vedic mathematics is astrology.

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Mathematics can easily learn but Astrology cannot be easily learned. It is hard and difficult to understand. Mathematics is based on number, symbols and relations but astrology is based on practical logic. We can simply say Astronomy + Mathematics + Logic thinking + Intuition = Astrology.

Astrology is actually an advanced maths. For example: if we study 8+8=16 is maths but astrology as y=mx+c. In astronomy maths is used for calculating routes for satellites, rockets and space probes. Astrology is the meaningful relationship between the position of celestial bodies and human experiences.

The categorized of astrology are
•Natal astrology

Natal astrology is also known as genethliacal astrology. It is based on each personality. Natal astrology is calculated at the time of birth that is it deals with horoscope. The components of natal astrology are the signs, the planets, and the houses.

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•Horary or Prashna astrology

Horary astrology is the ancient branch of horoscopic. Horary astrology determines to make personal decisions for auspicious moments. The horary astrology chat is created at the moment a question is asked. The purpose of horary is to answer the questions.

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•Mundane or world astrology

The name mundane is taken from the roman word mundus it means ‘the world’. Mundane astrology study about the fates of nations. It is a branch of astrology deals with history,society and politics.

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