Math and Music
Math is a very crucial subject in our lives. We see it every day, everywhere, and use it in our daily lives as well. Throughout history, many ancient cultures have developed on the idea of math. Today, however, I’ll be telling you about music and math and how they are related.
Have you ever wondered if math can be connected to music somehow? Music, a form of art and entertainment, has influenced many cultures around the world, just like math has. Many famous musicians have used math to create their greatest compositions. Numbers, patterns, and wave frequencies help us understand music better.
Reading music is like adding and subtracting whole numbers and fractions. Every note and rest has a numerical value and has a certain amount of beats. All music pieces are separated into sections called measures. Each measure has the same amount of beats. The time signature, which is like a fraction will tell you how many beats are in each measure.
Math and music both have patterns. Music has repeating choruses and, math has various patterns. Some patterns in math use numbers and others use shapes. Studies show that certain songs are popular because of their mathematical structure. In fact, songs that are popular are usually repetitive ones. Rhythm and pattern are innate for us humans. This could be the reason why pop songs are always repetitive.
Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician, realized contrasting vibrations and weights can make up different sounds. This came to a conclusion that a pitch can be decided by the length of a string instrument. Longer the string is, the lower the pitch and, shorter the string is, the higher the pitch.


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