Many people like myself thought the Hebrew bible was written by one author but that’s not the case, it basically represents stories throughout the centuries of events that took place. For many years many individuals have studied the book of Psalms, and found it to be a fascinating and punishment to the author because of his work (Knife). The Book of Psalms is divided into five different books and is determined by the material that they have in them.
There are 150 psalms in the entire book and together they form the what we call the, hymnal of Israel. Most of these psalms were written in the hundred years following 1030 BCE . Most religious liberals believe that the psalms form and use in worship services created from the Pagan nations that Israel was surrounded by. Psalm 89 is most interested to the writer, not only because it is a part of the biblical body, but because most of this passage is dedicated to the Davidic Covenant (Knife). This is one of the Psalms that was part of the exile period.
Psalm 89 was written by Ethan the Ezrahite, along with Heman the Ezrahite, which was the author of Psalm 88. Ethan wrote this Psalm as a maskil, which is a psalm that teaches meaning to whoever is reading it, and this was the only piece of literary biblical work written by him. This psalm has a connection with the book of 2nd Samuel, because of the experiences Ethan went through, and was said to live around the time the King Solomon because he was mention within the book of kings. Psalm 89, delivers a message that’s is more focused on the relationship that man has with God, and it basically connects with the justice and authority. It is a theme filled throughout the ages and one that is related to the culture heavily based on the results of their actions.
Within this psalm it shows signs of lament and also prayer when they began to plead for God’s intervention and deliverance reflecting the fall of Jerusalem and the Babylonian Captivity. Ethan also expresses lament at the king’s defeat this will fall in verses 38-45 and asks God to remember the covenant in verses 46–52. Both of these events to place during the construction of this Psalm. According to the psalm, Ethan opens up with verses 1-18 of the psalm with praise of the “Lords great love”, using evocative words, such as “exalt”, “righteousness” and “glory” to exemplify this love as well as God’s rule over mankind. Then he goes on to verses 19-37 contain a prophecy concerning the Davidic dynasty and God’s covenant with David. Then there is verses 38-52 end the psalm with a negative light being brought upon God as he is seen as the punisher.
The psalms contain many differences. When the hymns changed and was written and then transformed because of the life of the people and tradition. All psalms include a common unity in their on form, and all of this was part their prayer rituals in Israel. A certain structure is given for the work they do to be recognized as a psalm. Biblical psalms were written and it was almost in the same form as poetry world be in, but it wasn’t the poetry that people are used to in the 21st century, rather the psalms are based on a continuous basis and the development of thought.
Ethan aimed to reaffirm the people’s faithfulness in God, but during the destruction of Jerusalem, it can be presumed that he was mocked for his belief in God . The author pleads for God to forgive David and Jerusalem for betrayal of His commandments, done through the reverence and questioning of God as the Supreme Being. Ethan was unsuccessful in reaffirming the people’s faith at the time, but the eternal nature of the theological truth within the psalm will be relevant for centuries to come because justice, authority and punishment will continue to exist.

Some parts of this psalms can be understood accurately. Some researchers will identify the literal and different portions of the psalm. According to the claim of the author social background. This psalm focusses a literary interpretation as it reflects the situation the author was placed in. This is mostly explained and exactly describes Ethan’s situation. However, a figurative hermeneutic can show hidden meanings and relationships to the current culture.
From the figurative hermeneutic, the author attempts to persuade the reader into accepting consequences as part of life. This hermeneutic also shows God’s enforcement of His commandments. Evident in stanza 7, which states that God punished His “anointed one” and “put an end to his splendor”. David was punished for taking a census of his army to boast his greatness as a king David was enticed by the devil. However, the verses 30-32 in stanza 6 must be taken literally as they represent God’s authority and power, from which, the justice system originates.
From the literal hermeneutic, Ethan invites the reader to see God as superior to all. However, this also portrays God’s intolerance for those who betray him, as the last stanza calls to Him and pleads forgiveness of the people and His “anointed one”. Both the literal and figurative interpretations foreground the relationship between God and mankind, as both hermeneutics refer directly to the association of God with humanity.
During Psalms 89 there are quite a few significances. The psalmist has a very sad complaint due to the condition of the family of David but yet Psalms begins with praise. This shows us to allow our complaints to be turned into thanksgiving, we must sing of Gods mercies as long as we live. During this portion of psalms 89: 19-24 God described the many blessing he placed upon David the man after Gods on heart. David was given the blessing of help, exaltation, election, Anointing, security, Gods own strength, protection, vindication, ongoing faithfulness, and last but not least exalted strength. As I have stated the Blessings of David the promises gradually become of a nature, Fulfillment within David’s Greater Son the seed of David. Although he was the youngest God gave him true favor.
As you read Psalms 89 the first 37 verses show true confidence in Gods greatness and his covenant to David. The relationship between man and God is vital within our current society. It has developed over several years and has contributed great knowledge and better understanding to have success in the world. The Justice system provides laws that must be followed if not followed you will experience some type of punishment or even a for sure consequence.
God is the only one in charge, Parallels where made just for this, a parallel between man and justice and between man and God, to established authority. Through this it shows how the psalms conveys the message it’s trying to put forth, this is a message of action, consequences which are viewed in today’s modern justice system. The message going forth suggest that you take need to your actions both indirect and direct which most youth disregards.

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