Many people have had the thought if college is worth all the money. That single thought scares majority of high school seniors. We all fumble back and forth if we want to start a job right out or of we want to go to college and better our education. People do not go to college for many of reasons, whether it’s because they have to stay home to take care of somebody, their parents don’t want them to go because it’s too much money, or they get a good job out of high school and think it’s best not to go. But I’m here to say that going to college and getting a degree is the best for everyone. Not only will you make more money than someone with just a high school degree you have a better chance of finding job opportunities, also you can get health care coverage and other benefits from your job.
One of the best reasons to go to college is to make more money. A recent study from Georgetown University found that, on average, college graduates earn $1 million more in earnings over their lifetime (Peter Osborn). While growing up, my family always struggles with money. My dad work two jobs and so did my mom, and they tried their hardest to provide the best for me and my sister while growing up. Neither of my parents went to college and every day they would tell us how they regretted it and one of the main things my dad would always tell me was to go to college so I could get a good job so it didn’t have to rely on anyone. Lifetime earnings with a college degree is substantially higher than the earning of someone without (Financial Advice Column).
“College graduates are more likely to find jobs opportunities and be employed. They are also less likely to lose their jobs in a recession”


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