Macbeth put himself in a very bad situation/ bloody one, where most of the scottish people wanted him dead because of this flaw. Yet Macbeth did not fear the people the scottish as The three witches told him to be “bold and Fearless.. Macbeth shall never vanquished be until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him… ( 4:1 80-107), Macbeth took that literally and never thought some trees would come to him. Macbeth did not see that possible so he did nothing to protect his castle. Macbeth was also told that no one “of woman born”(4.1;45-68) would harm him, as Macbeth also did not see it possible he did little to nothing. He was surprised when he was told that the forest was indeed attacking his castle, which was actually Macduff’s army carrying branches as a means of camouflage. Macduff who was born by a Caesarean section which tenchialy made him woman, was head of the army. Macbeth sees the future as pointless, for all the trouble he went through just to become King. He decides that his life is not worth living. “I have lived long enough. (5. 4; lines 85) He is in complete despair. These are all parts of the long downfall in which he endured. His life became tragic just to be king of Scotland. Even when he received his wish he was not happy. He had too much guilt and regret to continue. His life was no longer worth living. Macbeth fought to the end. The one behind the killing of Macbeth was Macduff who was born a woman.


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