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1A). what basic information about the department or agency does the site include?
The Department of Defense basic information on this site includes, getting to know your
military, partnerships, reforms, and experience to join in.
The Department of State basic information located on the main page of this site had the
recent news, media and a list of business/career opportunities and education and exchanges
The Department of the Interior site has information about what the department is, bureaus
and offices, priorities and news of the day.
1B). ? At a minimum, please provide the agency name and web address, a general
description of what the agency does (mission statement will do), the address, e-mail
address, and telephone number for the main office in Washington, D.C., and the name of
the agency’s head and their title.
The name of this agency is the U.S Department of Defense. Its web address is
http://www.defense.gov/ ? . The U.S Department of Defense provides military forces needed to
determine war and ensure our nation's security. The DOD main priorities are lethality force,
partnerships that are strengthen and created, and the reform of the department. Located at 1400
Defense Pentagon, Washington D.C 2301-1400. They can be reached at this number
(703)-571-3343. There main head agency officer is James N. Mattis who is the Secretary of
The agency name is the U.S Department of State and can be found at this web address
http://www.state.gov/ ?. The Department of State directs Americans foreign policy between
diplomacy, advocacy and assistance towards the interest of American people, their safety, and

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Lomax 2
economic prosperity. This departments main idea is to keep the states free, peaceful and
prosperous in the world. Its located at 2201 C Street NW, Washington DC 20520 and can be
reached at this telephone number (202)-647-5073. The head of this agency is Michael R. Pompeo
who is the Secretary of State.
The name of this agency is the U.S Department of the Interior and information about it
can be found on ?https://www.doi.gov/ ? . It’s located at 1849 C Street N.W, Washington DC 20240
and can be contacted at (202)-208-3100. The head of the agency is Ryan Zinke who is the
Secretary of Interior. This department helps conserves and manages natural hazards to artilliated
island communities to help them prosper and benefit American people with cultural heritage.
2) Describe ( ??at least 3 sentences for each ??) three of the ??main ?? services provided by this
The three main services provided by the U.S Department of Defense are lethality,
partnerships, and reforment. Lethality helps build the military services with deadly weapons that
help protect the USA from harm. Partnerships are used to help unionize the strength of allies and
to incorporate new ones. Reform is used to help reconstruct the departments issues into more
applicable projects.
In the Department of State three main services provided can be civilian security,
democracy, and human rights. To prevent threats towards civilians security for example; violent
extremism, mass atrocities, and a weak government, they provide a security to help minimize
these atrocities. There are seven bureaus that help build a better more democratic, secure, stable,
and just societies. These atrocities are most important to this bureau. Human rights are very

Lomax 3
consistent with their values. Uses democratic governments to help protect human rights. Has the
promotion for democracy and protection to human rights.
Three main services provided by the Department of the Interior are creating a
conservation of stewardship, sustainably developing our energy and natural resources, and
restoring trust and by being a good neighbor. The department enhances conservation stewardship
to have respect with all levels of government and private landowners to work together to achieve
natural resources management goals across the landscape. They focus on improving natural
resources and energy to help improve the status of the environment. They also recognize the
importance of government-to-government relationships.
3) Describe three issues currently being addressed by the department or agency ( ??3
sentences long for each issue ?? – you may need to look in the press release area for this
In the Department of Defense three issues that are going on would be that 5,200
active-duty personnel are moving to the southwest border, some active duty troops are en route
to Texas, and NATO official defines the role of disarmament in alliance strategy. The 5,200
active duty troops that are moving to the southwest border have been approved by law
enforcement and Customs and Borders Protection. The CBP requested the need for aid in air and
ground transportation and as well as logistics support at the border. Security of 5200 troops have
been sent because of the two cavernas which are threatening the border. 1000 troops have been
placed in south Texas and is rising. The caravan groups are different from past migrations in
elevated levels of violence that are being exhibited. Rule of engagement towards these crowds of
migrations are being determined if and when the troops should interfere. NATO has supported

Lomax 4
and will keep supporting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It states that the NATO allies
“will not support approaches to disarmament that ignore global security conditions”. Rose
Gottemoeller compels the audience that these concepts are part and parcel of the defence and
deterrence strategies.
Three issues that the Department of State are handling are anti-corruption, climate and
environment, and combating drugs and crime. In the department of anti-corruption there are
three elements. The first is to prevent corruption and increasing accountability. Second, is to
strengthen law enforcement across borders. Third, is to tackle corruption-security Nexus. Oceans
environment and science covers the issues and strategic interests through policies aimed at
ensuring that economic growth and a healthy planet are thriving. OES serves as a forefront for
U.S diplomatic efforts to confront most of the world’s strongest weaknesses. This affair helps
advance U.S foreign policy and national security interests. Addressing the drug challenge INL
reduces the demand for and supply of illicit drugs. INL influences abusers to treatment,
rehabilitation, and aftercare abroad to sustain prevention. Laws are being fought for fairness and
The Department of the Interior’s three main issues would be the approval of the oil
production in Alaska, Zinke’s applaud to Trump’s nomination for the director of U.S Fish and
Wildlife Service, and Zinke’s announcement of the $2.7 million dollars are from a public-private
partnership towards environment agency. Approval of the oil and gas production facility in
federal waters offshore Alaska will be the first ever if it goes through. Hilcorp Alaska LLC
approved for its Liberty Project Oil and gas Development and Production Plan. American Energy
Dominance is underway and approved by Trump and Secretary of State Zinke. Skipwith is

Lomax 5
headed to be the director of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. She is currently the deputy
assistant secretary for fish and wildlife and parks in the DOI. Her responsibility is to ensure
protection and stewardship to lands and waters within the national parks and wildlife refuges.
The $2.7 million dollars are headed towards the Habitat Conservation of Big Game Migration
Corridors and Winter Range. The grant is possible from funding support provided by the Bureau
of Land Management, U.S Fish and Wildlife Services, and Conocophillips. Supposed to help and
create easy passage for elk and many other animals.
4)What is the most interesting thing you found out about the agency? Why?
For the Department of Defense I found that it’s mostly about military enforcement and
troops weaponizing. I decided that because it introduces you into the idea of military.
In the Department of State the thing I found most interesting was that this department I
feel has a lot of control over many parts of the system of government. I believe this because it
gives multiple information on many policies.
For the Department of the Interior I found it connects with the environment more and
how to take care of the world and its wildlife. I think this because it goes in depth of wildlife care
and land availability.
5) Find one service the agency provides that you personally can use and describe it to me.
In the Department of Defence they provide military service. If I ever decided to join the
military I could use this as a resource to apply or incorporate into.
Civil service is something that I can use in the Department of State. They help provide
peace and stability for American citizens.

Lomax 6
I can personally use many programs from the Department of the Interior. Since my major
deals with the environment I would excel from learning and reading about the programs/ articles
in this agency.

Lomax 7
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Lomax 8
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