Dear father,

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The days are so long without you, Mother is lonely, although she is still caring for all the sick families. We have decided that this year we will not spend our money and save it for desperate times.

We heard you are sick, Mother is coming to see you as soon as we save up enough money. She will most certainly arrive before you get this letter.
We miss you father.

We are all okay, for new years eve, Meg and I went to my friend Sally G’s and met a boy named Laurie. He is such a sweet, kind boy Father, you would adore him. Whilst meg was dancing she sprained her ankle all she needs is a bit of rest and all will be okay. Laurie lives with a man named Mr. Lawrence, he has the most wonderful house, he is too is very kind, not long ago Laurie was sick and he welcomed all of us into his house to greet him. He favours Beth over all of us, so much so that he gave her a piano he no longer wanted.

Not to scar you Father but Amy got into a bit of trouble at school, she was caught trading limes with another student and was sent home, she decided school was not for her and she will be venturing into something else in the future, something she is passionate about.

Amy and I had a fight a little while ago and she burnt my manuscript, I was so upset with her because they were some of my best yet.

We heard you are sick, mother is coming to see you as soon as we save up enough money. She will most certainly arrive before you get this letter.
Mother has already left.
We miss you father.

I cut my hair in order to help finance the trip, we hope to see you soon. Mother is gone, it is incredibly difficult to stay up to date with all our chores and responsibilities, although we will manage.

Beth visited the Hummel family a little while ago because Mother was not here to do so. Beth became much more sick after contracting scarlet fever from the new born baby, hopefully you will get this letter before it is too late.

Much love,

Dear Father,

This will be a very short letter but I just wanted to give you some good news, news that will make you happy.

I am glad to hear you are feeling well, Mother has returned yet Beth is still quiet ill, although she is much better than when I last wrote to you.

On a much nicer note Laurie and Meg have fallen in love, there are new to be engaged.

I heard the news that you will be home very soon, can’t wait to see you.

Much love,


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