As a mentor, in order to execute my role to Sunita in providing support and guidance based on her learning needs in practice placement I acknowledged, I would be acting as a role model. In addition NMC. 2008b has identified in guidelines to reinforce learning in practice. Mentor is aware that she would need to exhibit leadership skills during her profession as a mentor. A leader is someone who makes use of interpersonal skills to motivate others to achieve a purpose (Sullivan and Decker 2009).
Mentor would need to organize a teaching session with Sunita, nevertheless she would be flexible in case of unforeseen incidents such as patient’s condition deteriorating and requires an emergency attention. In the leadership domain of the NMC (2008b) guidance, it is specified that mentors should display leadership skills for training within academic settings and practice.
A succession of learning experiences was prearranged by mentor to meet the identified learning outcomes as arranged during the first meeting and mentor aim was to priorities her work out so as to meet up Sunita’s learning agreements. To act as an advocate for Sunita is part the mentoring role as this will give student learning opportunities access in involving a role model, a manager of change and facilitator.in addition mentors serve as role models for empowering learners to gain knowledge of effective practice and safe (Price and Price 2009).Mentor reflected on the Learning style chosen by Sunita, as indicated that she learn by observing and pondering about what occurred. Mentor then contemplate that Sunita may need to be an observer of practical procedures firstly prior to making an attempt herself and to support the theoretical component, different instructing methods may be use.


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