Leadership and Management Concepts
Leadership and Management Concepts
Leadership and Management Concepts
The concepts of leadership and management are important in the performing of roles and responsibilities by all healthcare practitioners. These two concepts must be applied to enable an organization to achieve its set objectives (Huber, 2017). Management is the most important aspect of organizations as it is responsible for the running and organization of resources in an organization to enable good performance where else leadership ensures that roles and responsibilities are done according to the set principles and monitoring is done to achieve desired goals and objectives (Huber, 2017).
Management is involved with the core activities and responsibilities which include planning of the organization goals and objectives, organizing, and controlling resources to enable achievement of the set goals where else leadership takes over from the management where it involves activities involved with the achievement of goals based on the management plans (Huber, 2017). Leadership includes monitoring and ensuring that the management achieves its set goals. Management is involved with an organization job description and vision (Huber, 2017). This means that management makes important decisions that impact the entire organization including the nurse leaders. The management is the major determinant of the performance of an organization and must work and enable a better environment for their leaders to carry out their roles and responsibilities (Huber, 2017).
The goals of management and leadership may sometimes overlap as leadership is concerned with the current direction and vision of an organization where it directs and guides its members to the desired objectives where else management is concerned with the established vision and mission (Huber, 2017). Even though the members of the management team can be changed, the vision still remain the same but different leaders can have different leadership styles all aimed at achieving the desired goals and objectives (Huber, 2017).
As a nurse leader, I believe I can expand my influence to create change by taking advantage of this overlap through explaining to other leaders their expectations and their roles in the organization’s achievement of its goals and objectives. This overlap has created a good environment on what I am responsible for and what the nurse managers are responsible for (Huber, 2017). With this clear understanding, it is easy for one to take full responsibility and not shift blame in times of poor performance. This overlap also indicates that for an organization to be successful, managers and leaders must perform their roles and duties collaboratively to achieve the organization goals and objectives, which is to provide quality healthcare to the citizens of the United States (Huber, 2017).
Huber, D. (2017). Leadership and Nursing Care Management. Saint Louis. Saunders.


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