Languages barriers are one of the biggest problems to society and we can appreciated through the writing of “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, an Asian-American writer who grew up on a bilingual world with her mother’s not perfect English. In this reading, Amy Tan says, “I think my mother’s English almost had an effect on limiting my possibilities in life”, in other words as she explains herself with clear life examples how she struggle because of her mother’s limited English. Tan used to be sorry for her mom’s damage English language, where she had to pretend to be her mom in order to make claims over the phone.

People used to treat her mom as an insignificant person, by taking advantage of her such the story of the stockbroker from New York and the CAT scan on the Doctor’s appointment. Even though, she was told by her boss that her writing skills were a disaster and she should be leading her life towards mathematics science, her rebellious spirit and her passion to Literature make her become one of the best Asian-American writer.

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As a reader and from an immigrant family too, I connect myself with this writing and found it interesting, because not only shows what real things we go through with our life everyday and how people respond to these difficulties. Seeing my mom treated as stupid lady, who doesn’t even know how to talk, and the workers that of course got pay to give cordial attendance to everyone won’t even bother to turn a word to her; that’s where I come through despite my also broken English to faced anyone who mistreated her.

Overall Tan approaches every immigrant with this reading, encourages that no matter that way you speak, because it’s your own tongue like everybody else’s, when they are at work, with friends or family. It’s their “intimacy language”, the comfort to be free of ruled schemes by society. Finally, she recognizes that her mom was the key of her success in life and not a limitation to achieve them.

In conclusion, I agree with the part where the author’s realize that she wants an audience that understands every part of her reading, a reader like her mother and she says, I knew I succeeded when my mother finished reading my book, and gave me her verdict: ” So easy to read”.


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