Jollibee is the leading fast food chain in the country. Around the world, when you say fast food, the first name that comes to your mind is McDonald’s but not in the Philippines. Jollibee Foods Corporation all started with Tony Tan Caktiong, a Filipino of Chinese ancestry, and his brothers opened two ice cream parlors in Manila’s commercial districts of Cubao and Quiapo. Filipino loved the ice cream and since then, Tony and his brother upgraded their business to selling burgers and the JFC was born. In 1989, Jollibee was the first Filipino fast food chain to reach the 1 billion sales mark. Since then, Jollibee started buying companies specifically Greenwich, Chowking, and Delifrance. Jollibee was close to the heart of the Filipinos because of its marketing strategy in which they focused on being close to Filipino families than to challenge their competition. A survey conducted by advertising management students from De La Salle University in Manila contrasted Jollibee’s value proposition against that of McDonald’s operations in the Philippines and revealed the main rational and emotional factors that drove Filipino consumers’ choices in fast food restaurants. The results showed in Rational Attributes, 90% of respondents, were for it to be “affordable and/or cheap” (Exhibit 6). Next came “faster service” (cited by 78%), followed by “accessibility” (70%). Other attributes mentioned were “tasty”, “variety of food”, “accommodating personnel”, “delivery services”, “promotional items are useful”, “frequent and effective ads”, and “offer seasonal products”. For fast-foods in general, the three most dominant attributes were friendly atmosphere (76%), family-oriented or pampamilya (74%), and hang out or tambayan (66%). The other emotional attributes considered by respondents were mass appeal, better environment for kids, patriotic or pam-Pinoy or lasang Pinoy. JFC only focused in their own country and had able to tailor its menu and marketing strategies to satisfy the customers unlike KFC and McDonald’s who chose to spread their company worldwide. JFC is now part of the International market opening stores in Asia, Middle East, and in the America and also bought shares in other international company such as Tomi’s Teriyaki House in Japan and Yonghe King Chain is China.
After the crisis last 1977, they invested most of their cash flow on the manufacture and delivered products to the customer’s base. Their sales grown drastically that made them the leading brand surpassing McDonald’s. They also boost their market strength by taking over Greenwich pizza. Jollibee was the first of its kind competitor to the current brand. Even though jollibee’s a new brand in the market, it already created a name in the market. It attracts customers with their special delivering of products. It’s about delivering customers’ special requests. The most interesting learning of Jollibee here is understanding the tastes of the customers will attract more customers. A big brand like McDonald’s was unable to get hold of this thus making Jollibee ahead of them.


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