Job analysis cover a large group of exercises, which are all coordinated towards finding, understanding, and portraying what individuals do at work. JA is so critical on the grounds that they shape the reason for the arrangement of for all intents and purposes each HR issue. JA is so important because they form the basis for the solution of virtually every human resources problem

JA is used for a large number of purpose indcluding job description,job classification, job evaluation, job, team, and system design and redesign, human resources
job description
According to M.T Brannick, E.L Levine and F.P Morgan 2007 Job description is a brief written description of work-it’s a snapshot intended to communicate the essence of the job.
JD is an extensive documentation of the degree, obligations, assignments, duties and working conditions identified with the activity posting in the association through the procedure of occupation investigation. It’s normally incorporates identifiers (job title, working hours, work outline, obligations and duties, it might contain other data, for example, detailed report, responsibility, aptitudes, experience and capabilities expected to carry out the activity. JD is so imperative as the apparatus for conveying the idea of the activity to somebody who doesn’t comprehend what the activity is.

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Job analysis cover a host of activities, all of which are directed towards discovering, understanding, and describing what people do at work. JA is so important because they form the basis for the solution of virtually every human resources problem.

Research conducted by (C.M Siddique.2004) during which he examined the impact of job analysis on organizational performance among 148 companies in United Arab Emirates (UAE), a Gulf-region country. The results indicated that a proactive job analysis was strongly related to organizational performance. His research proved that job analysis is indeed a cornerstone of human resource activities and vital strategic management proactive to gain competitive advantage. Companies that view job analysis as a serious policy matter might achieve more concrete results by improving human resource involvement in strategic decisions and corporate planning activities.


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