James Pendergrass
Professor Wagner
English 100
Essay 2: “My _______, There Is a There There”
It is unquestionable that we all have a certain place ringing in our mind. Notably, I have an attractive place that I think made me cheerful for uncountable moments of time many years back. However, sometimes I tend to think that I may be the only person admiring this area and I tend to ask myself numerous questions like is this location is going to be as attractive as I have always imagined whenever I pay frequent visits to the place. I do not know if I may have made this place alluring in my thoughts. In furtherance, it is a slice of the state that I have known since I was a small kid and for many years I have also grown up in this place. Notably, this dwelling located in a further land in an aged constituency is known as Dallas, which is a small section of the state of Texas.

Dallas is a populated town located in Texas. For this reason, the place is somehow polluted simply because of the various activities that take place on the astonishing scenes of the town such as lakes and deserts. Over the last years, I have grown up in this place in a single condominium apartment in downtown. From this apartment, my bedroom window allowed me to admire the beauty of the city and dirt plains. The good-looking scenes always captured my attention every time as I kept on exploring and admiring the grounds, the city, and the gardens with my eyes, searching for a quiet and clean place. Identifying the importance and relevance of ideas, I discovered one place on the hill that, located behind the village of the town (Bean 8). The adventurous place is around 80 feet square with bugs and wildflowers, and tender old trees, especially during the summer.

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Most of the time, I used to get along the place and find myself a seat and started watching my trees and the entire town. As I extended my legs and arms as far-flung as they might reach, I always started constructing a multitude of memories. Normally, I could experience the cold wet of the ground which made my legs goosebump. Now and then I could rise off the wet earth and admire at the trees. The place had three maple trees on my left side and two pretty aged trees with very big branches on the right. The other five trees were relatively smaller and located on the back side from where I sat. There were many flowers of several kinds, black, white, blue, yellow and purple. That place described a “there is a there there.” This was a public physical feature in that no single and rich person of the town would claim the ownership. Despite, the place was peaceful and handsome, and that I saw numerous times roughly the white snow over the grounds. I tend to imagine that these categories of sites are very eloquent to the general public because of their nature and people can always be there single-handedly, missing from their day to day occupied life.

Outstandingly, I used to visit the place to be “no-one else” and to daydream with my own eyes widely open appreciating the blue clouds and sky. I loved to stopover the place and sit down on the magnificent stones, watching the leaves of the trees moving and listening to the clinking whispers of the wind.
With a reason or without any genuine reason I frequently adventured the place. As I have always experienced, understanding connections and establishing linkages between ideas, I got acquainted with the idea that visiting the place would make me forget the person I was, to re-feed and breathe myself with anticipation (Bean 2). The various features of the place showed parts of wet snow being my associates that I liked to hug whenever I was lonely. The flowers and the winds were a portion of my gasp and the moving leaves representing part of my everlasting emotions.

During the winter season, I enjoyed playing with the wet clean snow. When I was really young there was a day that, “A powerful upper level low brought near blizzard conditions to North Texas on Christmas Eve. Winds gusted to 40 to 50 mph while snow was falling resulting in very low visibilities and blowing snow.” (National weather service). Numbers like these would come to show how treacherous the snow could be sometimes. On that Christmas eve it was a cold stormy night reflecting how cold the year was to sum up things. The ups and downs of the year really can be all reflected in drastic times like this. So sometimes when I Meditate back on the past, my hometown would be viewed like a type of unfinished painting. Remorsefully, the entire town would be covered with dirty layers of snow. During the winter, the place also could have the potential to look beautiful on certain days. The trees and surrounding buildings were full of white snow. The birds, the grass and the flowers all disappeared. The stone that I always sat on became hard to locate. Nevertheless, it was quiet, peaceful and exclusively clean.
This residence is extremely absent in space and time, hence why it’s part of my own adolescence and childhood. However, it is significant to me for the reason that, it is natural, beautiful, peaceful, and clean. Most importantly, the place has an unspeaking habitation in an ecosphere of dirty airborne and uproar. Maybe, this place is only appealing to my mind and the entire part of me, but then again the beauty of this town has the potential to capture anyone’s heart that is not from the state of Texas. Understanding the current situation helps in making improvements and generating solutions (Bean 5). With a lot of expectations, I visualize, and have confidence that this town can exemplify or replicate any type of home feeling that a person could have, and make that feeling as good as or better then where they come from originally. This place without any doubt, can pass happiness to many of us, and that is a feeling I would like to give to all!
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