It was incredible when my MTBI results was shown! I’m compelled to agree to the fact that it highly supports my dream vision. My test reflected ENFJ, stating highly to be an Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling and least to be Judging.
My personality is something that I posses since birth, also defining who I am. I’ve always been a person that enjoys an extrusive nature. Not only this profile has highlighted my strengths but also made me confident of my decisions towards my career choice.
I posses an extrovert quality and also believe to the fact that there are have always been exceptions to the rules. This characteristic in my opinion can be extremely helpful in terms of Networking.
The next highest trait was about being intuitive. Well, as a student I feel it can be a bit of a task, but it also helps me be in guard of the future.
Whereas, my Feeling trait cannot be ignored, I do agree I’m strong on my emotional aspects. This might seem a bit deceiving, but over the years I’ve learnt my weaknesses and how effectively I can tackle them.
The last trait that said about Judging can be beneficial to my academics, allowing me to be firm and organised.
Overall, my MBTI profile gave me a description of why I do things in a particular manner!


I'm Katy

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