It is very important when communicating with children and young person, you should pay great attention to their stage of development. Children develop and learn at different pace and unique ways and may require different attention and support according to their needs. Always take into consideration their needs and age which will vary. It is also important to adapt your behaviour to the age, needs and abilities of all individual pupils’. Always making eye contact, allowing them to explain and listen to them about what is being said.


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A pupil in Foundation Stage and Key stage 1 are very young and at the same time developing their communication and language skills. When interacting with children within this age range its best to communicate with them on their level at all times as standing tall over them can cause them to feel very over powered. Children will be continuously reminded about the importance of others around them and taking turns so they will all communicate effectively and asking them to repeat afterwards. Long periods of time will make them unable to concentrate and manage times of change well, so preparing ahead is best regards to making changes from a normal school day.


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