It is important to know the differences between high school and college, such as the qualities of educator, admission, and registration, and student’s life. First of all, the qualities to become a professor is require much effort than to be a teacher. The minimum quality requirement is a master’s degree. Achieving master’s degree is necessary for some high professions. For example, studying in depth of the subject in your main major equipped you to become a professor. In contrast, to become a teacher it is require completing bachelor’s degree only. In order, to become a teacher you have to finish a bachelor’s degree which takes four years to complete. Next, the admission and registration system in high school differs from college. After the student has finished admission papers, the next step is to get into an interview. Most colleges invite everyone individually to talk for about 10 or 15 minutes. For example, they are going to ask you about yourself. on the opposite, in high school, they are not going to ask you, but they are going to test you for an entrance exam to evaluate your knowledge. Finally, student’s life in college is easier than the one in high school. You are going to make a lot of relationships in college. Since everyone is a freshman, the opportunity to make friends is high. For example, when you are switching between classes you are going to meet a lot of people. Nevertheless, in high school, you may not have a lot of friends. You already have your childhood friends. On the other hand, you are more aware and attentive in high school than college. high school, offer to you counselors all the time to be aware of your personality, emotions, behavior, and necessities in life, such as make important choices, maintain a positive attitude, and have healthy habits. Unlike high school, college offer counselors specific time. Forinstance, you have to take an appointment to meet them. In brief, it is better to know the distinguishing aspects of high school and college which are the characteristics of instructors, Admission and enrollment, and student’s life.


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