It is important of a child/ young person centred approach because every child must be treated as an individual as no two are the same. Each child has their own personal traits and irrelevant of those traits they must be treated equally. In the national framework ‘Every Child Matters’ there are 5 distinct outcomes for young people that we must support and help them achieve, the 5 outcomes are: A healthy lifestyle, keeping children safe, making sure they enjoy themselves and achieve what they need to in order to progress in life, make a positive contribution whether that be in nursery, school, college or later life and finally, supporting them to achieve economic well-being in all stages of their life. With the correct help and support this can promote young people to choose, make connections and communicate with others, if the correct support can be identified at a young age it can help us plan to each individuals specific needs. Young peoples decisions should be taken into consideration as well, this can give them a sense of belonging and can also lead to them being more open people as they grow. With all this taken into consideration, we can allow individuals to explore, experience and challenge in a method of play in which they choose rather than play chosen for them, which as they grow will allow them to make their own choices rather than being made to do what they don’t feel is right for them.


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