It is essential that as a teaching assistant we establish respectful and professional relationships with all children and young people. There are different ways how to gain this relationship, which is a key to a role of teaching assistant. By establishing this kind of relationship it will help us to create an supportive and caring environment in which children and young people will thrive and learn easily.
The main way how to establish this relationship is by actively listening what children or young people have to say. When listening we need to maintain an eye contact, lower ourselves to the child’s level if possible and listen without interrupting. This will signal to the child that they have our full attention and that we are interested in their views or opinions. This will also encourage the child to interact with us in the future and share their views, wins or troubles. Active listening also shows that we are respecting the child, that we are considering them equal to us and how to behave during a conversation in a future. During the interaction with children and young adults we should always remain polite, which shows our respect towards the person or people we are talking to. This shows children how to interact in their future communication with us or any other person.
A simple way to show respect is to learn each child’s name along with its correct pronunciation, which is key due to multinational and multicultural mix in the schools at the moment. By learning their names we show to them that we respect them as an individuals. Another way how to show respect is that we treat all children and young adults fairly and consistently according to school rules. This will eliminate the feeling of favouritism between the kids. So, if three different children break the same school rules they are all punished same way.


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