The “Front Office Department” is the major department in a hotel which is situated at the front part of the hotel and its duty is to sale the rooms of the hotels after registration and hand over key to the guest (Front office Definition, n.d.). It acts as the “face and voice” of a hotel. It is the one of the numerous department of the hotel which specifically interfaces with the clients when they initially arrive at the hotel. The staff of this department is extremely obvious to the guests. Front office staff handles the exchanges between the hotel and its guest. The staff receive the guests, handles their request, and gives the first impression of the hotel. (Vallen, J. J., & Vallen, G. K. 2013)
The front office plays a significant role in the hospitality sector. “Front office staff are vital in the sense that they are required to handle all the formalities of reservation, registration, departure and many more of guest right from the tie guest steps in the hotel. They are also required to handle the guest complaints, public relation and liaison work with other departments of the hotels “(Perry, L. 2008, p.6). The front office is considered in charge of establishing first and last impression on the guest since they are the one to whom guest searches for while entering the hotel. There are numerous parts of division inside the front office. The greater part of this piece of the segment should obligation their duties and responsibility. Moreover, they should help each other so the enlistment will finish with progress and this will make the client feels fulfill with the administration and enthusiastically to come back once more. The part of this division is Front Office Manager, Assistant Front Office Manager, Front Desk Representative, Night Auditor, Cashier, Reservationist, and Telephone Operator. The essential duty of front office manager is to directly manage the front work area, reservation, attendant, and PABX. Hotel PABX framework accompanies a front work area administration framework either PC based, or telephone operator reassure based which is utilized by the administrator to perform different assignments effortlessly. Utilizing this reassuring, one can refresh, screen room status like possessed, cleaned. It can be utilized to print out all points of interest room insightful, estimate phone bills. Other obligations of the front office supervisor are aiding the preparation and broadly educating of front office representatives, gets a ready month to month reports, helps the rooms division director in definition and finish of front office strategies and techniques. Whereas, the assistant front office manager controls the operational exercises of the front work area inside hotel system to give the most elevated standard of affable administration while allowing adequate benefit levels. Also, they need to guarantee work is finished to incorporate, move closings, room stores, discounts, and refunds. They additionally need to get ready staffing plans, finish finance, and screen work costs to spending figures and assume individual liability for adjusting client benefit issues. Hotel front office clerk makes the room reservation, offer data and administrations to guest and get paid for the services provided. Hotel front desk clerk perform obligations such as, keep up a stock of opening, reservations and room assignments, register arriving guests and assign rooms, answer enquiries in regards to hotel administrations and enlistment by letter, by phone and face to face, give data about administrations accessible in the group and react to guest problems and gather and check everyday record sheets, guest records, receipts and vouchers utilizing automated or manual frameworks. A night auditor is equally important as he works for a hotel or motel doing accounting and frequently executing as the front desk specialist as well. Except for the littlest motels, most of the hotels give work to night auditors. These might be part-time auditors, or the hotel may appoint one full-time and one part-time auditor. Obligations differ depending upon the size of the hotel, however, the real focal point of the set of working responsibilities is direct end-of-day bookkeeping obligations (Bardi, J. A., 2008).
Impression and behaviour of the staffs are the essential things that the hotel should know with regards to the consumer loyalty. According to Foster, D. L. (1993) in the customer’s mind, the character and ability of the entire hotel are reflected in the identity of the front office staff. They need to welcome the guest with a pleasant smile and wish them politely as they are people that will choose whether we should have them in the hotel or not. Eye to eye connection is the primary thing they’re taught. What they are trained to do is recognize the people by giving eye to eye connection and a smile gesture to tell the guest that they’ve been known. To run a successful hotel industry, all the staff and worker should make a couple of strides so the hover of the chain inside the hotel is moving smoothly. In addition to that individual appearance is the essential factor in affecting early introduction. An individual appearance can impart tidiness, association, pride and confidence. Eye to eye connection and outward appearances additionally impact how individuals are seen by others. A perfect appearance, confidence, excited way and a voice that pass on warmth and truthfulness are the most imperative devices of a front desk delegate. Appearance is the capacity of sex and age. Notwithstanding the sex or age of a front office staff, he or she will experience certain predispositions in guest or others. For instance, a few people have the mixed-up conviction that more established staff individuals are not forward, and others naturally accept that more youthful workers are unpractised. A front office staff, who dresses in expert, wears quality adornments and keeps up a preservationist appearance will deliver a positive response to each guest. Communication, as well as understanding, plays a vital role in the front office. Addresses guests will make the impression of regard and concern that the hotel has for its customers. A considerate staff part is a decent audience and in addition a productive communicator. Making inquiries demonstrates that the delegate is occupied by the customer. Tuning in to the appropriate responses demonstrates individual regard and thoughtfulness regarding the visitor needs. Apart from that the front office staffs should posses the skills to deal with the client complaints, and there are certain ways to deal with client’s complaints like never be defensive, explain the problem to guest, understand the customer emotions, take appropriate actions, and make continuous follow up. On the other hand, complaints can be reduced appropriately teaching guests about hotel strategies and systems. The most widely recognized problems of hotel guest are related to credit card and guarantees. Proper information can avoid misconceptions and limit complaints. On the contrary, the front office staff keep doing mistakes, for instance, they will neglect to enter the details of the guest and when the guest needs to check-in, they cannot do it as the guest name is not inside their list. They need to be vigilant each time when it comes to matters related to the guests. Also, the front office staff needs to develop telephonic skill as they spend a lot of time on the phone, speaking with individuals both inside and outside the hotel. Although some people have good speaking than others, verbal communication is a skill that can be gained through practice (Role of Front Office in The Hotel Industry Tourism Essay,2015).
Legitimate and fitting coordination between the department and sections is fundamental for the smooth operations and for better administration to the guests. Each department staff is cooperative person subsequently everybody should cooperate with common comprehension and trust for smooth working as it were co-appointment intends to bring into amicable connection in-between the departments and sections to take care of business at the correct time. The interrelationship between the front office and housekeeping department is essential. Since, the front office must have a control on rooms and to keep up a right reservation following guests landing and departure. Housekeeping must send room status report three times each day to reception. Housekeeping ought to prepare the room after guest’s departure at the earliest opportunity. Both the divisions ought to connect with each other regarding arrival and departure. Front office money counter is the place were entire income of the hotel is collected. They should have a good communication with the chief cashier, income auditor, credit department and from every outlet of the hotel, as all through the entire working day the money voucher is going to the front money to be charged to guest account and city ledger account. At that point every one of their bills is presented in the separate sum lastly, all business summaries are going to the counter. Sales and marketing department deals with the sales promotion activities of the hotel. They speak with local and foreign organizations, foreign missions and airline companies to seek after customers for offering room and food ; beverage administrations. Thus, frequently they have business from an alternate source and in this association, they need the assistance the front office to reserve a spot and furthermore make vital game plans for groups or VIP or airline crew settlement. Also, if there is any special rates or services are provided as per the predefined directions must be trailed by the front office. (Bardi, J. A., 2008). In addition, the front office should have good communication with laundry department about guest’s entry or departure and reception need to send one duplicate of in-house guests list to laundry department. This coordination is essential to maintain a strategic distance from wrong room numbering and wrong delivery of laundry (Mopati, 2009). Also, there must be somebody on duty in the engineering division to meet any maintenance requirements in the hotel. Along these lines, any maintenance prerequisite being seen by the front office promptly be conveyed to the notice of the engineering division to find a way to solve the problem as soon as possible so that it won’t affect the services provided to the guest. And, human resource department co-ordinated the front office in case of any unfortunate behaviour or law of the property conferred by the front office staff. They likewise facilitate any sort of social occasion or sports events that happen in the hotel every now and then. If there should arise an occurrence of any burglary or lawfulness issue, the front office manager works with the security officer to keep up formalities of the incidents. (Coordination Between Hotel Front Office with Other Departments,2015)
According to Abbott ; Lewry (2010), the hospitality service provided by the staff members of the hotel to the guest like giving importance to guest enquires, providing services required by the guest, showing customer care and many more. Tourist travel for touring, entertainment, sightseeing and non-business exercises. They need to find out about the traditions, the history and the language of each place they visit. We need to provide them with all the information that may require about the area, the transportation facilities, any local events that may occur in the surrounding area and make them feel at home. They are searching for recreational activities, and food and beverage services. These sort of guests is generally very price sensitive. Whereas, families usually travel during ends of the week and they need a short break from their regular schedule. They are searching for a peaceful place to relax and enjoy every movements. They are searching for recreational activities, nourishment and refreshment service and the hotels should provide babysitting facilities, special meals for young once and an animation team. When it comes to business travellers are nearly the most vital travel market for some city hotel and this is the motivation behind why the hotel who focus on this market have outlined items and administrations to cover their necessities, for example, a quiet environment. The greater part of the business executives doesn’t like to stay in the hotel because after a busy day they want to stay in a calm place to rest and relax as rather than a shrieking room in a hotel. Such hotels provide them with facilities like conference area, computers, internet services and so on. Business travellers are typically not extremely price sensitive and regularly use restaurants in the hotel, beverages and recreational facilities. They are considered as a beneficial market and a vital category because of its stable demand at high room rate. But in case of, elderly people They don’t have the capability to look after themselves as the years pass, so they are searching for a hotel with a calm and pleasant environment. The hotel staff must be thoughtful and persistent with them and to take care of them without giving them the feeling that we carry on them like children. Meeting and conventions generally pull in several individuals and this is the motivation behind why the manager needs to persuade the gathering organizer to choose their hotel. They are searching for quick administration and they don’t prefer to remain in queues. Meeting and conventions need to do with individuals who going to workshops, trade association demonstrates and so on. The length of remain for gatherings ranges from 3 to 5 days. We need to give them areas for conducting a meeting, computer facilities, internet services get to and when they have large group some discounts must be given by doing so they can pull in the individual crowd to visit again their hotel recreation voyagers. Apart from that, the hotel provides additional in-house banquet and cocktail receptions for such meetings and conventions. (Different types of guests, 2015)

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