In this 21st century, Social media and data plays a vital role in decision support system and in shaping the business. Social media, data and business are interrelated to each other. The user data are analyzed by the business organization for making a customer centered decision making. Nowadays most of the companies either big or small focuses their advertisement campaign and decision making based on social media.
This report explains the some information systems concepts, of decision support systems and cloud computing of Amazon Company. The report tries to reflect the relationship between Social media, data and business. This report will also talks about how social media be used in modern business and the opportunities that data might bring in the industry.

With the advent and popularity of free internet access, social media has become part of nearly everyone’s daily routine. We are all connected, all the time. All the status updates, pictures, and videos posted by people on their social media contains information about their demographics their likes, their dislikes etc.(Rowena, n.d.). The user data can be analyzed on the basis of age, gender, geographical region, their taste and preferences. The user data plays a vital role in decision making. The user data adds a step in decision support System. These data are stored in the cloud which helps the business to access the data whenever they want while taking a decision.
In this report,

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Social Media and Business:


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