Internet of Things (IoT) technologies starting to become essential to the shipping industry. This is a result of the fact that both businesses and consumers are looking for more real-time information about the status and logistics of their packages. The internet of things makes it possible to communicate this information through the use of different platforms. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) are two technologies that have become important to the shipping industry. These two shipping technologies work in part with the IoT to provide customers with insights on things like shipment location, estimated time of arrival, explanations for delayed deliveries, and many other factors. Maersk Group is a leader in this, but others such as SM Line are catching up. Companies have also been placing beacons (which features bluetooth technology) on their assets as a way to keep track of their products and how they are being transported. It is important for customers to know what condition their products are being shipped in and when to expect delivery. With the increased use of IoT and bluetooth technologies, shipping information has become more accessible for both businesses and consumers.


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