Industrial Training is one of the mandatory requirements for students in certain programs at all levels of study at the Institute of Higher Education (IPT). The Industrial Training Program (LI) is introduced to empower the competencies required to improve the level of work that graduates can have. The industrial training course provides an opportunity for students to experience learning in the real world of work in order to achieve high marketability.
This course also provides students to expose and get experience in terms of communication skills, teamwork practices, professional perspectives and job ethics. Additionally, the course builds enthusiasm and proactive attitude amongst students and thereby enhances confidence to become excellent workers and trainers.
In conclusion, this industry practice gives a lot of experience and can open a student’s mind so that it can assess a job from a positive perspective. It is hoped that students can prepare neatly by enhancing academic knowledge, improving their own weaknesses such as communication and creating self confidence before stepping into the real world of work.

1.2 Objectives of industrial training
Industrial Training is a condition that is required of every student before being eligible to be considered for the award of the Certificate of Degree. For each student in Faculty Computer Science and Information Technology they must pass an industrial training to graduate degree level. Students who are not successful in industrial training need to repeat until they pass to graduate.
Among the objectives of industrial training is to build personality of the students. Students can give their views and ideas brilliant as well as generate high-confidence and brave individuals to respond to the challenges in any situation.
In addition, industry training educates students to communicate effectively. Students are exposed to work environment and the public. Students can also learn how to communicate with workers and others with greater confidence and effectiveness.
Facing the ever-expanding era of globalization, students are given the opportunity to make preparations ahead of the real world of work. With this initial exposure provided students are ready to venture into a more challenging mental and physical workplace.
In addition, industrial training encourages students to practice ethics and regulation well. Students are reminded to be more disciplined in order not to violate regulations set by the firm or department. Hence, students will practice good ethics and rules.
With the existing knowledge, a little bit helps the student to do the job well and know the real objective of a task that needs to be done. Students can apply theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom by doing practical work.
Industrial training also creates teamwork and good relationships with fellow workers. When an assignment is given and requires teamwork, it is able to establish a good relationship between employees.
Next, instilling prudential practices and self-respecting attitude. Students can evaluate their ability to perform their assigned work. In addition, students are able to cultivate moral values such as integrity in line with the objectives of industrial training.
Produce industry training reports. Educate and train students to write well and neatly in order to produce quality reports. After undergoing this industrial training, students are required to provide a report as determined by the university. It is part of the conditions set by the university to pass in the training of the industry. The report prepared should be relevant to the work undertaken during industrial training in the organization.

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1.3 Objectives of industrial training report
Students are able to utilize the knowledge they learn through undergoing industrial training more efficiently by documenting activities and movements while conducting training systematically and effectively through reports made.
Through the writing of the report, students can use the work techniques learned as a reference to step into the real world of work.
Detailed reports are provided as a testament to the training that has been conducted perfectly for a period of approximately 6 months from 23 July 2018 to 4 January 2019 as determined by the faculty.
This report is also an assessment tool for the exercise conducted by the student and the marking of this report will be provided once the report is fully reviewed by the faculty supervisor. To inculcate the spirit of the student and the attitude of responsibility in executing every task given to meet the needs of university. Where students can learn to carry their own assigned tasks properly.

1.4 Interests of industrial training
Industrial training is mandatory for all students public institutions of higher learning (IPTA) as a compulsory requirement to qualify students to receive a Diploma or Degree Certificate according to the course taken. In fact it is not just the fulfillment of the requirement but it raises awareness about the real situation in the workplace. With the availability of many practical and valuable industrial workshops acquired as a supply before setting foot in the work environment. It also builds self-confidence with the experience and knowledge that students gain from industrial training.
Industrial training is important as it can expose students to real employment. It also adds to and extends the technical know-how and skills of students, whereas before the students acquire a limited knowledge, but when students take this exercise, students are able to learn more about things and wants while doing the job. Additionally, students can learn about new technologies or skills while undergoing industrial training.
In addition, this exercise also enhances the ability of students to better and better their ability to work hard and work with dedication and show positive attitudes to employers. This training is also important as it can eliminate the inferiority of a student where when students undergo industrial training it is likely that students will meet with high or older people. The value of respect for the surroundings will arise within the student if the student undertakes the training of the industry wholeheartedly and sincerely. Hopefully this nature will last in the future. Through this exercise also, students can handle a problem more wisely.
The conclusions concluded about the importance of industrial training are:
• To build and solidify students to be more confident about the tasks and expectations encountered in the workplace.
• In order for students to be uncomfortable or confuse when they start working.
• Disclosing students to the real world of work.
• To cultivate teamwork and good relations between employees and employees of an organization.
• Link theory to practical and so on.
• Nominate and comply with safety regulations during industrial training.
• Building self confidence.
• Fostering trustworthiness and responsibility in carrying out assignments.
• Provide an official report upon completion of the training.

1.5 Learning outcomes
Industrial training provides exposure and experience to students in terms of technology development, effective communication, teamwork practices, policies, procedures and regulations, professional perspectives and reporting. This industrial training will build enthusiasm and proactive attitude amongst students and thereby increase confidence in becoming an excellent trainer.


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