Increased Healthcare Costs
Increased Healthcare Costs
The healthcare system is one of the complex systems, which is affected by different variables surrounding the healthcare system (Shi & Singh, 2019). Increased costs in the healthcare sector will impact the distribution of healthcare services and the efforts made by the government to ensure that everyone is able to access to quality healthcare services all across the United States (Shi & Singh, 2019). Some of the aspects, which affect the cost of healthcare distribution, include increased demand, technology advancements, and different models of healthcare delivery being implemented by different healthcare facilities (Shi & Singh, 2019). These aspects have resulted in the United States government, which is the main financier of healthcare services to spend more resources in ensuring that all American citizens are able to access quality healthcare services (Shi & Singh, 2019).
One of the reasons for increased healthcare costs is the increased demand for healthcare services, which is attributed to the growing number of older individuals who are at an increased risk of developing chronic illnesses (Shi & Singh, 2019). Effective management of these chronic illnesses requires many resources, which are also increased by the large number of patients accessing these services. Some of these diseases include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and asthma (Niles, 2018). Another reason for the increasing healthcare costs is the increased requirement to adopt more advanced technology and new drugs. Advances in the medical system are important as they are meant to improve the delivery of healthcare services and the achievement of healthcare goals (Niles, 2018). However, the adoption of these technologies is expensive resulting in increased healthcare coasts.
These costs should be controlled as they are able to impact the healthcare system negatively and result in failure in achieving the healthcare goals (Niles, 2018). One of the ways to control costs while still providing quality healthcare is developing creative ways to improve efficiency in the healthcare sector. This can be achieved by implementing certain measures, which include avoiding unnecessary waste and unnecessary spending, which does not positively contribute to healthcare delivery (Niles, 2018). Collaborating with other healthcare agencies is also important in sharing the most effective measures to minimize healthcare costs and still maintain the quality of healthcare services. Collaboration will also enable organizations to share other important resources, which are meant to improve some of the healthcare processes, which is aimed to minimize some of the costs directed to these processes (Niles, 2018).
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