In workplace of every organization, every emotions and moods of an employee affects the quality of actions in the workplace both as an employee and the organizations output. One of the best ways to manage emotions and moods of an employee is by personally talking and coaching the person involved. Through this the employee will be aware that his or her behavior affects the others, his or her job, and creates a negative impact against him or her. In that way, the supervisor will also have an understanding what causes his or her subordinates why he or she acts and behave that way.

Also, by providing training on how to manage their emotions and moods in a workplace. Through this it will ensure that supervisors and subordinates at workplace will learn and understands how to manage their emotional conditions at all times. It will help each employee to have a clear understanding of the impacts that their emotions and moods causes their individual behavior, relationships with other employees, and job performance. It will also provide techniques on how to manage them and improve their behavior. When managers acquire moods and emotional management techniques it is possible that they will create productive and positive result in the prosperity of the organization.

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As an employee, the better we are able to stay calm under pressure and be aware of our emotions and moods, the less likely we will overact and make poor behavior in our workplace. We should separate personal problems from work. If we have family issues at home, we should try not to affect us when we are in our office. Being affected by family or personal problems during working hours may affect our works that we tend to be out of focus, not to be productive and, will accomplished nothing. It will also affect our co-employees since the emotions we had may influence their actions too.


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