In this essay i will be talking about my utopian society, i will go through several points, such as, the educational system or the kind of state it will be.

My utopian country is divided into two main terrains: farmland and cities. The farmlands, of course, are where most of the country’s resources are produced.
All the management of the economy is mainly maid in the city: carpentry, cloth making… The only thing that people need from outside the cities is iron. Indeed, all of the resources, except for iron, are produced, cultivated,.. by the people within the country.

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The population of this society live a very simple life, they do the same things that people do in our actual society, they go to work on week days and then in order to entertain themselves they play games and socialize. What’s good about this society is that they eat a lot less than us, they only eat what’s necessary for them. They’re also good at economising energie and other resources. For example, their buildings are very simply built and the furniture is only limited to what they really need but that’s it. There is no, unnecessary luxuries or greediness.


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