In this assignment I’m going to be stating how legislations, policies and procedures relating to health, safety and security influence health and social care settings. Then explain how they promote the safety of individuals in a health social care setting. Legislation is a law or set of laws suggested by a government and made official by a parliament. Legislations are important throughout any work environment and society as it determines the responsibilities and rights of individuals. Every organisation has their own policies based on what the company does and procedures are the instructions of how to carry out these policies.
The first legislation I will be mentioning is Health and Safety at Work act 1974. This act ensures that everyone e.g. employees, careers – within a work environment are going to be safe. For example, the procedure for this act is to make staff training essential reducing risks of poor health and safety in the setting. So all nurses, doctors, chefs, etc. should be trained in their area of profession to ensure they are following the correct procedures to prevent risks from occurring. Also, another policy is all staff must have a DBS. The procedure for this is to have all potential employers apply for the application. A fire policy would be also taken place, for example, if a fire alarm goes off. Someone will be responsible to ensure that the fire policy and all staff training complies with this act to provide a safe environment. A procedure that can be done for the fire policy is to have a printed staff list, if the fire alarm is activated.

The second legislation is Care Home Regulations. This act means that every care home must have a manager that has qualifications in Leadership and Management in Care Services. The manager must ensure that all parts of the house that are accessible to individuals, are free from hazards and the risks are reduced or eliminated. Furthermore, if a manager feels that an employee is danger to anyone, the manager should take actions and suspend the employee until further investigations. The manager must always inform the Care Quality Commission during any event in which they believe the safety and well-being of an individual is at risk.

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The third legislation is Food Safety Act 1990. This act ensures that any business that deals with serving food, the policy is to ensure that the food is safe and clean for individuals to consume and it doesn’t pose as a risk to people’s health and safety. To enable this in a health care setting, the procedure that needs to be done is to have appropriate facilities to be able to provide clean food. For example, to guarantee the food is not out of date, the procedure that can be done is all staff members should keep a log of food with the best before dates. Furthermore, another procedure is that the act enables health inspectors to inspect food and remove food that isn’t consumable and take action. Another policy is that food should be stored at the correct temperature.
The fourth legislation is Data Protection Act 1998. This act covers the personal information that is held in either electronic and paper format. The information that is being held should be relevant to the boyishness and not excessive. A policy for this act is confidentiality, it is viewed seriously and ensures that all employees and health professionals respect the confidentiality of all its clients. The procedure that can be done is all staff should be trained and practise from disclosing information without the consent of the individual.
The fifth legislation is Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. This act is when you are transporting or moving a load, which includes lifting something, pushing, putting something down, etc. this is an important act in health and social care because it prevents injuries to employers and service users. the policy for this act


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