In the book Reading the World Rachel Carson tells her story on chemical pesticides and already being a scientist. Rachel published three books about the ocean, she wrote Under the Sea-Wind in 1941,the Sea Around the Us 1951, and The edge of the Sea in 1955. After seeing so many copies of her books being sold she decided to quit her job and spend all her time on writing. Her most popular book was silent spring, at first the book wasn’t even a book it was and magazine article about the environmental impact of pesticides. The book became the best seller and made americans think more. Think about the effects the chemicals have on our environment. Taking nature for granted can someday lead to nature’s and man’s end.

Her main focus when she was writing was to catch the reader’s attention. And the she would talk about the series of historical and scientific facts to get the reader’s attention. Right before her career was about to take off Rachel died of breast cancer in 1964. Years later in 1980 carson was to be Awarded The presidential medal of freedom. And in 1999 silent spring was ranked one of the most important nonfiction books in the twentieth century. Many think that the book Silent Spring be the new movement for modern environments.

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Chemical companies spent millions of dollars on research of their product, and all the bad things that it would bring to the environment. This is one of the main reasons why chemicals cost so much in the chemical companies now. They have to be able to cover their bottom line to make their ends meet at the end of each day. Farmers hate using chemicals because of their outrageous costs. If farmers didn’t use chemicals farmers would not be able to produce enough food for the world’s population. So everything that we are getting from them now would then be cut into half due to not using the chemicals.


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