In November of 1835 Andrew Carnegie was born. His parents moved to the U.S. as immigrants. At just 12 years of age carnegie went to go work at a mill to help support his family. Carnegie was a hero because he showed good characteristics of being capable responsible and philanthropic.

Carnegie was a good businessman. Even from a young age he was working long hard hours to help support his family. Later on he started working in the steel company. Eventually he became a philanthropist. “Carnegie increased steel production in 1870 0 tons to 1900 100,000,000 tons,”(doc b). This is good because he helped increase the price so the people that were working for him could get paid more. This is a big part in him being a hero. Him having money is good because he is using it for good. “Carnegie gave money to his hometown scotland,”(doc g). The reason this makes him a hero is because he grew up poor and he new what it felt like to be poor so he wanted to give people the hope he never had.

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On the other hand, carnegie was not that great of a hero. He would do things like reduce wages 20 cents when he gave money away. “Iron and steel workers daily wageis $1.8(hook) while carnegies wage was $92,000.00(hook, doc d) He could have gave some of his money to help with wages.

In conclusion, all carnegie wanted to do was to make people’s lives around him better with his understanding of being poor growing up. Carnegie was a hero for his three best characteristics.


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