In Looking for Work, the narrator tells the story of a nine year old Mexican-American boy who wants to be white as he sees on TV. This story gives the complete and detailed description of the Mexican-American boy who is attracted and enchanted to the lives of white people after moving to the United States of America. He always thinks to be very rich in order to look like a white man and therefore he started looking for work. He continues to search for work when everyone left him at the end. Basically, the whole story in inter connected around faith, hard work, and the courage to do something.
Media affects individual’s psyches. It is how the Mexican-American boy got influence. He wanted to live his life according to American’s standard in order to be loved by white people. Also the writer of the story ” Gary Soto” in his story “Looking for work” depicts the idea that how media can be influenced and what does it portrays things to other countries. Also, Soto was eagerly wanted to work more and more in order to get rich and be like white people.


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