In industrialized countries, therapeutic plants have contributed more than 7,000 compounds to pharmaceutical industry inclusive of the ones utilized in heart capsules, laxatives, anticancer retailers, hormones, contraceptives, analgesics, antibiotics, diuretics, etc 16. the world health organization (WHO) defines a medicinal plant as “any plant, which in a single or extra of its organs, contains materials that can be used for therapeutic purposes or which are precursors for chemo pharmaceutical semi synthesis 16.” This definition distinguishes those plants which can be already scientifically tested from those now not subjected to a scientific study but are used inside the traditional system of drugs 16. The beneficial results of the medicinal plants in health care may be nicely judged from the WHO estimate that around eighty % of the sector populace makes use of them in some form or the alternative 17. The people using them are typically those residing inside the far off or marginal areas and rural and indigenous folks who rely closely at the herbal assets in their surrounding medicinal drug 17. An ethno organic survey found out that approximately eight thousands species of medicinal vegetation are used as food supplements, drug treatments, biocides and different phytochemicals 17.


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