In every organization there is something very important that make it very successful and it called the Human Resource Management. The Human Resource Management is hiring and developing employees process so the employees can become more valuable to the organization. The Human Resource Management contain conducting job analyses, personnel planning needs, recruiting the people that are right for the job, orienting and training, wages and salaries managing, benefits and incentives, the performance of evaluating, resolving disputes, and communicating with all level of all employees. The Human Resource Management can give a competitive advantage to the organizations. Competitive Advantage is a company or country conditions that allow to produce a goods and service of equal value at a lower price or more fashion desirable. Competitive Advantage are referring to factors variety including cost structure, branding, the product offering quality, the network distribution, the intellectual property, and customer service. Competitive Advantage is position that is favorable for the organization that are seeks in order to be more profitable than its rivals. For example, PepsiCo begin in 1965 with Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay, Inc merger. In 1998 the PepsiCo begin to grow bigger in the acquisition of Tropicana, and the 2001 merger with Quaker Oats. PepsiCo’s competes with companies that are global, regional, and private companies that across the food and nonalcoholic beverage space. The PepsiCo in the food industry is competes with ConAgra Foods, Inc., Mondelez International, Inc., and Nestlé S.A… The PepsiCo in the nonalcoholic beverage industry it competes with the Coca-Cola Company is the PepsiCo closest rival.
The human resource management pact with a lot of the employee-related activities in the organization. Human resource management basis that the managers of the human resource find the employees that have talents to perform specific jobs and help to ensure that the employees are paid fairly and looked after during their tenure. The human resource management is a knowledge and practices that will know the work nature and regulate the employment relationship. The human resource management is an organization function that focuses on recruitment, management, and direction providing for the people who work in the organization. The human resource management main goal is to maximize the productivity by promote the efficiency of employees in the organization. The human resource management department are responsible for a lot of activities variety across a lot of organization function core. There are a lot of the human resource management activities that enable the organization to be more competitive in their markets such as recruitment and selection, training and development, reward structure and motivation, and retention. Human resource management often is responsible for recruitment and selection candidates. The managers department apprise human resource managers of what kind of qualifications they desire in job applicants. They develop the descriptions for a job that outline various skills, and levels of experience for the applicants. For example, PepsiCo hires about 9500 employees in every years for its operations and manufacturing and selling and distributed its drinks. PepsiCo used newspaper, company website, job portals to selecting and hiring employees. Human resource management can manage the training and develop for the new employees. Some training may involve only handing out a training manual and information on the policies of the company. Sometime human resource managers must coordinate training off-site through training managers within their organization. The employees also assortment the sessions of training for existing employees who needs improvement on some skills in using computer software, writing and oral presentations. For example, PepsiCo started a 45 min obligatory training program, that included in training quizzes on the policy of the social media. There is also traditional and computer-based training for the training and development. Human resource management by achievement and benefit of the employees for their performance in the job in the organization are called reward. Reward perhaps could be better salary and wages. For example, PepsiCo human resource department gives incentives and benefits to motivate their workers such as job security, pay allowance, promotion to the next designation which is purely on merit, performance appraisal annual, the company offered for the workers Pepsi and meal, free dispensary, rewards cash, and bonuses. The team of the human resource management play an important role in retention. The organization can’t survive if the best performers quit. The organization needs the employees who are work hard and have loyalty with full dedication to achieve the organization’s objective. It is for the management fundamental to retain its employees that are valuable to the organization who think in the organization favor and contribute their level best. For example, PepsiCo human resource has its ways to keep their best employees in the organization longer such as knowledge the employees with their families in creative, personal ways, give the employees a purpose that is clear and explicit, let the employees to have more autonomy and influence within the company, and make sure that the employees can come to work with benefits and opportunities.
In summary, human resource management for hiring and developing used for hiring and developing employees so that the employees become valuable to the organization. Competitive Advantage is the company allowed conditions to have a goods produce and service that the value price is low and more fashion desirable. The human resource management is responsible for the activities that related to the employees. The human resource management has a lot of activities such as recruitment and selection, training and development, reward structure and motivation, and retention. Recruitment and selection means the human resource management job to find the right people with right skills to work in the right place and job. Training and development means is the human resource management job to training and develop for the new employees. Reward structure and motivation means that the, human resource management job is to give something to the employees to make them motive because of their achievement and benefit it’s called reward. Retention means the human resource management job by keeping the loyal employees who are work in the organization.


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