In contrast, BP are a well-earned organisation who are one of the world’s most leading gas and oil businesses. ‘BP have an operating income of US$ 2.89 billion from 2016, profits of around US$115 million from 2016, Total assets of US$263.3 billion from 2016 and the total equity of US$96.84 billion from 2016.’ The figures that BP have produced in 2016, are extraordinary and is one of the main reasons. BP have to balance their spending out because, at the end of the year it needs to be clear that they have made a significant amount of profit, to show other companies who want to branch on that they are still making acceptable figures.

BP currently now works in around 80 nations. It creates around 3.2 million barrels each day, which is transported all over the world. It is one of the biggest makers of oil and gas industry in the entire world, which has resulted in the organization having around 17,000 administration stations spread everywhere throughout the world. The organization has a portion of the stake on the planet’s biggest exchanged oil and gas organization, Rosneft. British Petroleum is additionally recorded on the London Stock Exchange. There are additionally the auxiliary postings of the organization also in Frankfurt stock trade

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