In accordance to Ysobel (2015), foreign society is a social system that shares a geographical territory, a common culture, and a way of life. It is held together by a shared identity and is relatively independent and self-sufficient. Because of the central place of societies in social life, sociology has a great deal to say about societies that are put together and how they operate (Johnson, 1996). According to Kendall (1998), sociology promotes understanding and tolerance by enabling each of us to look beyond our personal experiences.
Personality, according to Walter (1977) cited by Ysobel on (2015), is the distinctive patterns of behavior, including thoughts and emotions, which characterize each individual’s adaptation to the situations of his or her life. According to Jay (2003), language is organic, growing new words and expressions, and killing of expressions that are no longer useful; obsolete. Language grows from words that are functional for everyday life. Language also undergoes change through the use of other languages. These incidents, along with several other factors, have led to debate about the impact of textese on the English language and its subsequent implications on the literacy of youth.
Many people in the online communities in the Philippines are experiencing the jejemon phenomena. According to the, a jejemon is someone who has managed to subvert the English language to the point of incomprehensibility. It is a term to describe those individuals who have developed their own language and written text. As a result, users (mostly the younger generation) of computer-mediated communication, particularly Facebook, have been influenced by the widespread use of these occurrences although there have been different responses to this kind of phenomenon. The jejemon phenomena have varying impact on the way users of Facebook interact with one another. It is the interest of the researchers to further understand this phenomenon since it has been printed in the national newspapers, reported in the national television network, and the Department of Education has expressed their disapproval to this phenomenon, however, this type of writing has been very popular to the younger generation. Thus, this study is conducted to examine the morphological transformations employed by the users of the jejemon phenomena and to describe the patterns depicted in these jejemon style of writings. Tubac (2017)


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