in 1945, the United States was swarming with men returning from World War II eager to participate in the American Dream. Unfortunately, after the war Latino men were at the forefront of the struggle for economic and political rights in the U.S. Latino men fought for the an America with equal rights and opportunity only to find out that it did not exist. In March 1948, Dr. Hector Perez Garcia and several other World War II veterans who experienced the inequality that latino veterans had to face, founded the American GI forum. The GI forum was originally created to give Latino veterans equal rights but over the years has become a fight for all Latino’s not just veterans. After the war, Latino veterans were not getting the benefits that all veterans deserve to get. The Veteran’s Administration would take their time to respond, if they responded at all. There are many inequalities that latino veterans had to face post WWII. The goal of the GI forum was to focus on latino veterans inequalities, education, and civil rights.


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