In 1929, a thirteen year old boy named Berkeley N. Hackett traveled from Flint, Mi to Kalamazoo, Mi with his step-dad. His step-dad had recently gotten a job at a coal yard and decided to take Hackett with him. Because of the Great Depression, the men had to leave their family and set out to make money. At one point during their travels, they had to hide from detectives, who were searching for people who were in debt and committing illegal actions, in order from them being caught. Hackett made 25 cents for every hour he worked at the coal yard. Hackett had to go to soup kitchens and buy clothes at the salvation army to survive during the financial crisis. Even though he had a job, he did not make a substantial amount of family that could, potentially, provide for his family, let alone himself. After some time, Hackett decided to drop out of school and tried to walk around the harsh realities he faced during the 1930s.


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