Impact analysis of metro

The use of metro belongs to our everyday life, especially for people living in big cities. The name metro origins from the word ‘metropolis’ but has a lot different names. In New York city it is ‘Subway’ and the people living in London refers as ‘Underground’ to it. The name may be different, but we all think about the same thing: rapid transit system of trains worked by electric motors, found in big cities, operates usually underground.
Millions of people use it every day and our cities would looks different without them. The impact of the metro is huge, and since the cities are still growing, it is going to be even more important in the future.
The socio – cultural impacts are playing a huge role in our everyday life. The travel times are usually much shorter with the metro, than with the car. The metro trains are usually also wheelchair friendly, which makes the life of disabled people much easier. Since they are running in a closed rail system accident happened very rarely, which makes it to the safest way to get from one point in the other in the cities. Today they are all controlled by computers, so they can respond immediately to any problems. This technology helps the cities to live a very organized life, and you can almost always be sure that the next metro is coming in few minutes.
The improvement of metros are led us to some important technological impact. It was the first vehicle which has used electric motor without batteries. In lot of cities the metro trains are already driverless, so it is an icebreaking technology, which is now also used in the improvement of driverless cars.
Today our economy would be the same without metros. If we would not have underground, fast transport system, the cities would have had a barrier to grow. Because it would have been very difficult for the citizens to get across the cities. This led us to bigger cities, bigger buildings, expensive apartments and more urbanization.
The use of metros is the ‘greenest’ way to travel in the cities. They need the less energy to transport one passenger. because of the metro and public transportation, the people living in cities usually does not need to have an own car. Less car means less fuel consumption and more space for parks and green spaces.
In the politic it is always a huge discussion, if they should invest in metro or not. In the whole world, only the Hongkong metro and public transportation system was able to make profit from selling tickets. In the other cities the public transportation companies are get a lot of money from the government. It is always a difficult decision for the government what should they do, because the building and operational costs of a new metro line are huge.
Even if in the morning we hate to stand in a metro train or if we don’t like the look or the smell of the metro stations, we must agree, that our life would be different without it. This invention has changed our cities and our lives.

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