I will be comparing how the writers present love in My Last Duchess and La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

To begin with, My Last Duchess is based around a Duke’s thoughts on his wife and how he views her relationship with others whereas La Belle Dame Sans Merci is almost the complete opposite, still from the perspective of the man but in this poem the woman has the power. My Last Duchess represents how the Duke’s love for his wife went too far and he became too over protective whereas in La Belle Dame Sans Merci, the man loves the woman however she doesn’t love him. The writers of these two poems have very different ideas about love.

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My Last Duchess represents a very possessive relationship and love where the the Duke treats his wife as a possession, just like an expensive accessory he can parade around to show status. Even just the title of this poem represents how possessive the Duke is over his wife because he loves her so much. The writer uses the possessive pronoun “my” in the title to show this possessive love the Duke shares with his wife. The title of the second poem, La Belle Dame Sans Merci translates as ‘the beautiful woman without pity” which would suggest that this poem is about a different kind of love just by the title alone, where the woman in the relationship does not show any pity towards the man.


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