I think it was Henri Matisse who said, ‘Creativity takes courage’. Every type of creative endeavor is a journey into the unknown, whether it be writing a poem or transforming a canvas. As a person, student and artist, I am passionate about art and believe that interior designing is the ‘art of living’. It is a creative arena in which a person must be bold as well as courageous, as daring to change anyone’s living or work space is a challenge. I hold the sentiment that art is a reflection of every aspect of life and I want to contribute to that.
I am applying to this course because I want to contribute the best of my knowledge and skills for a better standard of living. Interior design is a mark by which we can measure these standards. It defines our lives. It defines the way we live. It defines the way we exist. I want to see families experiencing a true sense of comfort and homeliness in rooms I design, employees innovating in offices I design, and students inspired in study spaces I design.

My passion and intrigue for art was first discovered when my mom sent me to an art tutor 6 years ago. Ever since then, I learned how to use different mediums to illustrate my ideas and feelings on paper and canvas. Four years ago, during my IGCSEs, I chose ‘Design and Technology’ as one of my eight subjects and ever since have been in love with interior design. After researching interior designers and their creations, I was awestruck by how interior designing reflects art perfectly. I was honored with an award as an exceeding student in ‘Design and Technology’ for my year grade, but unfortunately at the time my school did not offer ‘Design and Technology’ or ‘Art and Design’ for A level. I was determined to study what I loved so I took it upon myself to convince the school to offer A-Level ‘Art and Design’. It took me two whole months but eventually they agreed.

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I have an immense desire to share my knowledge and skills which has led me to volunteer as an art teacher full-time during my summer breaks for the past 3 years. I organised lesson plans for younger children, delivered creative lessons, and pre-planned for the following six months when I would return to school. I was admired by the principal for my hard work.

Furthermore, my creative journey has taken another twist in that I was chosen to have my artworks displayed in two public Art Exhibitions. Featured artists are hand picked by an experienced artist who is in charge of the exhibition. I feel exceptionally honored for being one of the six new faces during 2017, with a third exhibition coming up at the end of February 2018.

As well as my interest in pursuing interior design, I believe I am a responsible and committed person in general. During my AS year, I participated in the school production of ‘Cinderella’ as the lead actor, despite many people dissuading me from taking on such a demanding role due to time constraints. People around me were astonished by how devoted I was to the play, partly due to the fact that I was also juggling four AS-level subjects. I have also been part of a number of school teams over the last number of years, such as basketball and volleyball. From these experiences I have learned some invaluable lessons such as how to work as part of a team and stay dedicated and loyal to my teammates.

Undoubtedly creativity takes a certain amount of courage, and I feel that I have the will and courage required to be an innovative interior designer, based on my experiences to date. I am intrigued by the UK in that I know what an illustrious art history the country has, as well as the number of museums which can be found there. I am particularly interested in your University as I know that the course you offer is of a high quality and will give me the tools I need to develop as a creative designer. I thank you for taking the time to read my application and I hope to become a part of your learning community.


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