I have interested in Teknologi Information field,especially makin a content on media. I joined Internet Ambassador training in 2016 to learn social media creator for social movement with students from all over indonesia. I was starting use social media to build a relations with people trought bloging and instagram. joining in youth organization i learn a lot about public speaking skill, Making a social project is alway challange my public speaking, in every project giving socialization about program and invaiting people to supports my social project is the activity that got me interested. For making my public relation more good in Aceh, every weekend i participated in polyglot public comunity, this is where acehnese people who get interest in practise language gathering. Beside learning language i have to adapt with new people that i met in this comunity to sharing our tought base on the topic. Public relation and andvertaisment is a major about build a relations, a public relation is the person that represent the organization to comunication and making decicion with public also all media content being public relation responsibelity.


I'm Katy

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