I find great pleasure in outlining the achievements of CHHATBAR DEEP UMESHBHAI who has showed immense competitiveness and interest in various areas in his undergraduate studies at Indus University. My first interaction with him was during his 3rd semester when I had the opportunity to teach him Strength of Materials Laboratory.
During my course of work with him I have found him very inquisitive and sedulous. His quick assimilation of the intricacies of the subjects with the minimum amount of guidance really impresses me. This can be easily seen from his good academic grades. As a person, he is poised, composed and always willing to offer a helping hand.
During his 5th and 6th semester he had served as an academic head under IMEA (Indus Mechanical Engineering Association) a student committee which organizes various technical and non-technical events in the Mechanical engineering department. This helped him to understand the role of individual commitment to a group effort which makes a team work.
Currently he is doing his internship work at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) for the period of six months. This internship will further develop his capability to work as a team and gain the utmost knowledge on how a organization work.
Considering all the above features I rank him among top 1% of all the students I have taught in my career. Hence I strongly recommend his admission to the graduate program of your prestigious institution. Please feel free to contact me for any queries; I will try my best to provide maximum support for this deserving candidate of our university.


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