I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual with an outgoing, confident personality. I enjoy using strategies and solving problems I also have good listening skills. I have been experienced to solve problems and would like to use this skill for my further career. My aspiration is to become a social worker . I am a determined student that would like to achieve all targets given. Punctuality and attendance is also a main priority which I believe is important. From a very young age I have been interested in helping out other people and solving dilemma’s. I want to become successful by using these skills in the future. I have excellent organisational skills and extensive experience of being a good team worker as well as I have the ability to work alone by using my initiative and accepting responsibility.

I studied at Batley Girls’ High School and I am now currently in college. I have 10 GCSE subjects they are:
GCSE-(maths, English, science, history, art, health and social care, Religious Education, IT)
Science core-2016 (D1)
Controlled assessment-(E)
Health and social care course work- (B3)

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I'm Katy

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