Human’s behaviour is the product of how they are nurtured. They tend to act what they see in their environment and mimic how others behave. It also how the parents raised the children that affects how they respond to other people. Not only that the human are products of nurture but also through the process of learning that they tend to do such things . For example drinking alcohol is not good for their health . They know what is right and what is not when it comes to decision making. If the people surrounds them are drinking they may think that is a good idea to drink since others do it so. Role models like the parents are who’s that they imitate. When they act good or bad to others, the children’s imitate what they do. Parents should be a good role model in order for kids to become a good human being. Humans are also affected by what they see in the media and in the internet. Like for example, sometimes media shows that Muslim people are harmful to get along with and that they are terrorists. The people are worried about their safety so they tend to distance themselves. The way the society shows can affect the social lives of the people around. Therefore , humans are most likely product of nurture and that


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