Humans are born different, unique but that doesn’t mean that they should be treated differently. What differs is their nationality, gender, race and so on all of these comparisons show why we are different. However, the question is what is human rights? Human rights are the rights that each individual should have regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, race or any other status. Every one of us should fight for their rights. Moreover, when we go around and ask different people what are human rights? They will answer that they are the things that we are allowed to make or the freedom that belongs to every person from the day they are born till the day they die. Unfortunately, to be honest not every one in this world truly have their rights. Let’s be honest with ourselves and open our eyes and see how many people around this world who aren’t really getting their rights. Aren’t they human? don’t they have the right to be treated as any other human? Why should they be the victim and suffer from not getting their rights? Is that what we consider as human rights? Where are their rights, where is their freedom?

Long time ago, many people including slaves have suffered because there was nothing called human rights which means the slaves didn’t have rights. Until someone called Cyrus the great changed this and created human rights, and that all slaves are free to go and have freedom. However, some rulers or kings agreed with Cyrus while others where against him and against the idea of having human rights. Moreover, after the 2-world war they came to an end that they created the Universal declaration of human rights and that was applied for all. In Addition to this, there was other opinions such as the philosophers. These are some philosophers: Plato – Aristotle – John Lock – Thomas Hobbes – and Hegel that their ideas influenced human rights.
Plato (Basic of our society)
Many philosophers asked how society originated and what makes government authority legal? According to Plato, “He argued that we have rules to obey because they make life possible and that staying in a society shows an agreement to follow its laws.”

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Thomas Hobbes
He’s the father of political philosophy and helped develop the idea of social contract. He suggested that without the government, people would engage “war of all against all.”
Aristotle (Natural law)
According to Aristotle, he believes that “there was a natural moral law, which should provide the truly rational system of justice.” The universality of human rights is reflected in his argument that natural justice “is that which has same validity everywhere.” Moreover, Martin Luther king paraphrased Aristotle’s principle: “equals should be treated equally.”
John Lock
According to Lock, he argued that “Natural Law originated from God.” Moreover, the idea that some rights are universal and innate continues to be important today.
Hegel (Idealist)
He argued that the state is the manifestation of freedom and that the collective must always take precedence over the individual. This lead to criticism that he was a ‘state-worshiping authoritarian.”

Human rights are wide range of rights which include: Trafficking children – enslavement of human– women’s right- Rights of racial discrimination etc. However, each of these has its story and how people treat them and how we can see that these people aren’t receiving their rights.

Case Study 1: The Trafficking of children
Many families are selling their children and hoping that by doing this that their children working will improve their living. For example, A western African family sold their children to a trafficker and in return he offered the family U.S $15 to hand their children. These children were working to get money but the money they are getting weren’t for them, they were given back to the owner the person who they were sold to. It’s sad to see how these children aren’t getting enough rest, how they aren’t getting good nutrition. These children aren’t living their childhood as any other child. While looking into their eyes you see how they are obliged to work and how their life is miserable. How aren’t they getting their rights as any other children. I know that there might be obstacles that the parents might face but, selling your children won’t help, these souls aren’t meant to be sold in order to improve your living. They are human and they have rights too.
Study Case2: Slavery in Lebanon:
Nowadays, in our society some people are still treated as slavery. Many people travel to another country to find a job to help their family back in their home country. There is case of 27 years old maid from Philippines, her name is ruby. She came to Lebanon to work in house and save some money to her family. However, the madame didn’t treat her in a good way and ruby’s response was “they treat us like animals.” Moreover, “I was begging my madame to let me go but she refused.” This young lady wasn’t shown a work contract by the recruitment agency and she was told that her salary would be $400 per month for 2 years and when she came to Lebanon the employer would only pay $25o a month for 3 years. In addition, she was forbidden to cook her own food and her boss would let her go and work in different houses but she wasn’t allowed to have her passport nor to hold her salary. Ruby wasn’t receiving her rights she didn’t even have day off. Until one day ruby escaped but without having her passport and by doing this she is risking getting arrested but all she wanted to go back to her country with her 1-year old child.

Case study3: Women’s right:
In the middle east, woman didn’t receive her equal rights as men did. Women’s right are the rights women should have it includes the right to live free from violence, slavery, discrimination, to be educated and to earn equal wages. Yet woman is still ignored because of their gender, but why should their rights depend on their gender, why should they suffer from this it’s their right to live and to be equally treated as men. For example, long time ago women were obliged to stay at home as a housewife instead of getting educated and proceed their dreams as man did. Women should have their rights and by having their rights they will get more opportunities in life and she will have a role in the society. women and men should have equal rights.
Case study4: Racial discrimination:
Racial discrimination is when a person is treated unequally than the other person in a similar situation just because of their race. Such as this case: an agent refuses to rent a house because of their skin color which he’s totally being racist. People are being racist by treating others by their skin color and that’s not fair they should have equal right as the white human. Its not fair to treat a person in bad way just because of their skin color. They are human and they have rights regardless of their skin color and in the end, we are all human.
“Give every human being every right that you claim for yourself.”
Every human should have their own rights despite their gender, race, ethnicity, and religion because at the end God created us all equally. Stop differentiating between human, because nobody is perfect.


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