Human resouce management is a term used to depict a formal system formulated for the management of individuals inside an organization. The responsibilities of a huam resouce manager fall into three major territories: staffing, employee compensation and benefits and designing/ defining work. Essentally , the motivation behind HRM is to boost the efficiency of an organization bu enchancing the adequacy of its employees. FORD is multnational automaker located in Dearborn,Michigan a sunbrd of detroit. It was established by Henry Ford and consolidated on June 16, 1903. the organization sells autos and commercial vehicles under the ford brand and most extravagance autos under the lincoln mark. Ford is the auto producer that broke goals when it came to procuring practices and initiative. Henry Ford is perceived as one of the outstanding pioneers the world has ever observed. His methods of insight and convictions streamed into the HR division at Ford. Today the organization is perceived for its HR development through an exceptionally discilpined culture, remarkable training oppunties, and solid and predictable procedures.With regards to human resource practise, the organization centers around executing solid communication through the expulsion of emotions and dependence on data. HR belives data and discipline should start things out, before emotions. At the point when the procedure is clung to, a sound workplace succeeds.The Ford HR division has an objective which is to construct a group of individuals who have solid buyer senses and inventive thoughts, who draw quality from diviserity and can deliverthe execution expected to contend viably (Ford, 2014). The HR office responsibilitie salso incorporate the capacity to convey solutions and to create and bolster the people who configuration, assemble and offer the world’s best vehicles


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