How to become a hero?
Can a normal person become a hero? I think the answer is “yes”, and we can look at some examples from real life or fictional works of art or literature are based on real stories to support this. Iqbal is a character in Novel Iqbal, Paul is a character in Film Hotel Rwanda. They are normal people; they saved others bravely and came with freedom; so that they are heroes.

From my point of view, a person who wants to become a hero need two requirements. Firstly, he/she will become a hero when he/she puts his/her life in danger to save others. In Novel Iqbal, Iqbal, who is the main character, put his life in danger to liberate hundreds of children who were exploited at carpet factories or brick-making kilns. Another evidence is in Film Hotel Rwanda; Paul also put his life at risk to save his wife who is a Tutsi, his children, and the other Tutsi by letting and helping them in his hotel in the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi. He could have been safe if he had not done that because he is not a Tutsi. Secondly, a hero understands the responsibility that comes with freedom. Freedom was a motivation that helped Iqbal to become a rebel when he worked as a slave at Hussain’s carpet workshop. It was expressed through his wish of playing kite with Fatima. Finally, they came to freedom and their kite flew in the sky. Paul and the Tutsi love freedom too. They resisted and fighted for freedom. There were so many Tutsi people died but finally, they were free.

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Iqbal and Paul are normal people who became heroes because of their courage, compassion, and the love of freedom. Both of them dared to sacrifice their safety to save others and come with freedom. You can also become a hero if you are aware and take actions like them.


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